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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Escape Pollution In A Ford Escape Hybrid - Viral Site

Escape Pollution Ford Escape Hybrid Viral Marketing
I just got off the phone with an interesting individual, Maizal Munif, creator of the Escape Pollution web site. Maizal created the web site for a couple reasons... First and foremost, he wants a Ford Escape Hybrid and secondly, he wants to build awareness of Kelowna, BC (the town in which he lives). Inspired by the Million Dollar Homepage, Maizal is hoping to raise enough money from sponsors, to buy a Ford Escape Hybrid for himself.
Escape Pollution Web SiteHe makes no bones about where the idea came from (million dollar homepage) but has made his own twist on the theme. The ads companies buy are placed directly on the virtual Ford Escape, much like a traditional race car driver has sponsor stickers on their cars. I personally am a bit intrigued by this new wave in viral marketing and have to think about whether variations on a theme are going to emerge or if they're just anomalies. It's too early to tell but I've secured an exclusive interview with Maizal and will post the results of our Q & A tomorrow.

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