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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Behavioral Ads Avoid Competition

A study of behavioral marketing shows that ads for products of interest that are displayed on unrelated sites are affective in attracting eyeballs. The study by Next Century Media for Panasonic showed a 50 percent improvement over contextual ads.

When I read previous study about behavioral marketing, I surmised that the ads did well because people who were on a site searching for content are less likely to detour to related ad than that same ad on an unrelated site.

Apparently someone else reached that same conclusion. ".. when in the market for a product and finding an ad for that product in a completely unrelated site, the user might react to the surprise of that unexpected event by looking at the ad," says the report from Next Century Media.

So rather than fighting with other contextual ads, get a better bang by waiting until users jump to another site. Makes sense, yes?

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