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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Active Ads Can Inflate CTR

Ads that slide, jump, and expand across the content are effective at garnering attention, but as Pesach Lattin points out, they need to be carefully crafted.

These types of ads can transparently encompass large areas of the screen, so clicks meant to get to the content can generate spurious click-throughs. Maybe some advertisers only care about their brand's visibility and don't mind paying for clicks from people who aren't really interested, but I bet most would.

Other mistakes in implementation of these ads including not providing an obvious method of closing the window, or having the script run for more than 3 seconds. These things only get readers frustrated at the publisher and the advertiser, as more than once I've jumped to another website rather than wait for the ad to finish.

I would think that using sound to supplement these ads could capture the readers attention even after the ads shrink into their box or skyscraper home. A short audio cue when readers mouse over the ad might be just enough to prompt a genuine click.

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