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Friday, March 24, 2006

Federal Chief Privacy Officer Needed

I know, the last thing we need is more layers of government, but for ecommerce to continue to grow and for the public to feel comfortable online, we really need to have a federal Chief Privacy Officer.

The Federal Trade Commission should have a post dedicated to protecting consumer privacy online so that companies such as Gratis Internet don't allegedly violate the public trust and cast a pall over online marketers. Currently the FTC has five commissioners, but none are privacy specialists.

FCPO could work with marketing institutions such as the IAB and DMA and the medical and financial sectors to set and enforce standards and be given power to levy significant fines, and would work with law enforcement if privacy infractions reach into the criminal realm.

The role would also benefit national security, and the idea was floated in Congress two years ago but appears to have gone nowhere.

If the FCC can fine broadcasters tens of millions for wardrobe malfunctions, then surely the FCPO should be able to bring the hammer down on privacy punks. The perfect person for the job is Eliot Spitzer, so maybe he'd accept it if he loses the governor's race in New York.

Federal Chief Privacy Officer Needed By Jason Dowdell at 06:40 PM
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Mapping Hits Close to Home

Several articles are discussing how mapping sites such as Google Maps, Windows Live Local, and Platial allow us to get extremely personal by mapping data.

Mapping sites can help us to find where our Internet friends live, or even find out what all that construction work was at a neighbor's house.

The big brother aspect of this is somewhat overblown, like when people were upset because a stalkers used a reverse phone lookup online to find where a victim lived. Don't blame the technology just because it makes life easier for friend and foe alike. Similarly, the hullabaloo about Gawker Stalker blames a tool for incredibly obnoxious behavior.

Marketers could do their own mashups by mapping the data they purchase about consumers. Instead of figuring out how and where to sell based on a zip code, Google Maps etc. can be overlayed on demographic data on a block by block basis.

Mapping Hits Close to Home By John Gartner at 05:54 PM
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One Woman For Me - Unique Is My Dove

One Woman For Me

So the last couple of days haven't been all that great... Tuesday it started with Finley getting sick and Shannon not getting any sleep, then Wed afternoon I've got it coming out both ends only to be followed by Shannon that night and we're still not completely out of the woods. For those of you that have small children, you know how hard it can be when one of you is sick, but just imagine when both parents are sick! It's not easy and everybody knows you hurt the ones closest to you when things are tight... alas... this is my apology to my girl who's full of Hai Chi, even when she doesn't feel like it.

From the words of my favorite new artist MatisYahu, Unique is My Dove...
"...Put your head on my shoulder, tell me what you been through.
When I lose my focus you remind me of the truth..."
My favorite part of the song though is the chorus.
"One Woman For Me, Other half of my soul, you are my queen.
One woman for me,
Other half of my soul, roots of my tree"
Love you honey, Piper and I will be home soon.

One Woman For Me - Unique Is My Dove By Jason Dowdell at 04:42 PM
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Web 2.0: Zooomr = Flickr on Steriods

If Barry Bonds used the Internet, he'd be proud. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not like Flickr, in fact I have a disdain for it. Although, it can be very time consuming looking at people's photos, it's a slow site (although getting better then it was), it slows down web pages where people have their photostream, and it's generally poorly laid out. Well, someone else must have thought the same thing or he just got bored. 17 year-old, Kristopher Tate, is developing what people have dubbed "Flickr on Steriods".

I just recently found this site so I can not give an indepth analysis of it but some of the features and things I've noticed are quite noticeable, and nice!

-Zooomr is much cleaner and more properly laid out then
-Cheaper then Flickr - An ad-supported version and a "Pro" account for $20 per year.
-Lightbox - Zooomr uses one of my favorite web techniques for displaying its images LightBox. With the lightbox view the photo is essentially highlighted in the middle of the screen while the background on your PC is darkened out.. You can see an example here.
-Zooomr also generates html code to allow you to paste the Zooomer photo into your blog or web site.
-Interesting Geotagging mash-up with Google Maps which allows you to see photos based on their location. Great if you are going on vacation and are looking for interesting sites to see.
-'Add People' - this is an interesting twist on social networking where you can tag a photo with people who are in the picture and then it ranks the popular people. MySpace kids will love that.
-Zoomrtations - ability to add mp3 or wav file to a photo, which can enrich the photo sharing experience. Example here
-Upload one at a time or in bulk

One thing that is even more mind-blowing, outside of the fact a 17 year-old is solely behind the creation of Zooomr, is the fact that he rebuilt the Flickr API to incorporate it with Zooomr. Meaning, developers who have used the Flickr API just have to replace with to make their application work with Zooomr.

Tate knows Yahoo! is watching his creation with frequent visits but he insists he is not trying to compete with Flickr on all aspects and is focusing more on the Metadata to enrich the photo sharing experience rather then Flickr's social focus. All in all Zooomr is very impressive and there are a lot of features that I did not mention so it is worth checking out for yourself.

I'm not sure what this kids parents gave him for breakfast, but I want some!

Web 2.0: Zooomr = Flickr on Steriods By Evan Roberts at 11:19 AM
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Coming Soon: Download to Own Movies

CNN is reporting that Universal Pictures will soon launch a service whereby films can be downloaded legally to own. These downloads will be non time-limited digital downloads. Currently most legally downloaded movies are time limited. Buyers will also receive a DVD version via snail-mail.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding this. What format will they be downloadable in? Will the quality of a DVD be kept? Is the movie industry finally listening?

I think the bigger question is: how will this curb or help piracy? I'm sure there will be an Itunes like encryption on the movies where only a registered device will be able to play the movies it downloads, but like Itunes has seen, that encryption will easily be cracked . This obviously hasn't really effected Apple's business, as Itunes just recently sold its 1 billionth tune, but I can see this movies appearing on Bit Torrent sites pretty quickly.

Do you think this is a good move by the movie industry?

Coming Soon: Download to Own Movies By Evan Roberts at 10:04 AM
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More Microsoft Delays, Office 2007 in 2007

Just the other day we reported Windows Vista will be delayed until Jan 2007. Well, it seems like the delay bug is spreading throughout the Redmond campus because Microsoft-Watch is reporting that Office 2007 will be late and not available until....Jan of 2007! I really don't think there is a big issue with a 2007 product actually coming out in 2007, especially Office where older versions are reliable enough for almost everyone. The one feature I am looking forward to in Office 2007 is the ability for MS Excel will now be able to handle over 1 million rows, as opposed to the ~65,000 it is currently limited to, this will make large PPC account spreadsheets so much easier to handle.

Other then the fact that retailers will miss out on some holiday sales of Office and Vista, I really do not think either delay is that big of a deal. In fact, I'm glad they are delaying Vista. I would much rather then get it right now then having to send out the typical hundred patches the day after Vista goes on sale because this operating system will be supported for many years to come. If they are spending the time to make the OS better and increasingly secure, I say 'delay away Microsoft'.

More Microsoft Delays, Office 2007 in 2007 By Evan Roberts at 09:54 AM
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Blog News: MSN Spaces to Get a Facelift

MSN Spaces, err Windows Live Spaces is going to get a much needed facelift. According to the Spaces' home page, this should go live in some form this summer;
In the summer of 2006, we will unveil a more powerful version of MSN Spaces which will be called Windows Live Spaces! Stay tuned!
MSN Spaces is on of the most popular blogging platforms out there although you have probably not heard of it or seen many blogs on it because it is so popular outside of the US.

Just the other day I actually attempted to sign-up for an MSN Space in order to explore it and see how it worked. To my surprise it was incredibly simple, assuming you already have a Microsoft Passport account. After a few minutes I had my MSN Space up and running. It is more like a cross between Blogger andMySpace platform without the social networking features of MySpace and without the flexiblity of Blogger. If Microsoft really wants to make MSN Spaces, errr, Windows Live Spaces a hit in the US, they need to pick a direction for their Spaces and go for it.

Personally, if they want to go after MySpace then they will easily be able to spin the family friendly aspect of social networking especially with all of the negative news regarding MySpace lately. It is something most parents would probably love. If MSN decides to go after Blogger, then it needs to allow more customization, publishing externally, and a cleaner URL.

Either way, Windows Live Spaces has a lot of potential IF Microsoft can make a decision regarding the direction they want to see the platform grow.

Blog News: MSN Spaces to Get a Facelift By Evan Roberts at 09:40 AM
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Google Joins S&P 500 - There goes the Neighborhood

So Google has joined the S&P 500. Well that's just great. So in 12 + months when the P/E ratio goes to a normal number, the stock price will drop like a rock and screw up index funds all over the street and reak havoc on the market. I knew they would be added sometime, but they are still immature as a company and stock. This one revenue trick pony is going to stumble soon.

Digg This?

Google Joins S&P 500 - There goes the Neighborhood By Jason Dowdell at 08:37 AM
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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Google Pages Public Beta, Lets Take Another Look

So Google Pages is in public beta right now, meaning, if you missed the original signup back in Jan/Feb then you can sign up now. They are still throttling invitations so when you sign-up it may take a little while to get your actual invitation. Lucky for me, I signed up and got my page created during the first limited beta but now is as good of a time as any to take a look back at Google Pages.

The interface hasn't changed much and the only noticeable improvement is speed. What I found interesting in the first go round of Google Pages, was the fact that Google said the pages would be crawled and index nearly instantaneously. Well, over a month after I created my Google Page, it is no where to be found. Using one of the Google site commands we can see there are over 21,000 Google Pages indexed. Doesn't that number seem a little low to you? I know blogosphere has more influence then 21,000 pages, and where is mine? Regardless of the lack of content or links from external sites, google says the page will be crawled which would lead me to assume it would indexed as well, but again, where is mine?

Maybe it is for the better. You and I both know that in time they will integrate Google Adsense sign-up into Google Pages, a la blogger (and blogspot). And, if these pages were really crawled instantaneously this will fuel the creation of a new form of Splogs, spam Google Pages. I am coining the phrase 'Spages'!

You heard it here first!

Google Pages Public Beta, Lets Take Another Look By Jason Dowdell at 12:01 PM
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Technology Review is Looking for Cool People

Technology Review CEOs, one of the top technology publications and websites, is looking for nominations for its 'Top 35 Under 35'. They are looking for 35 innovators under the age of 35 whose groundbreaking work in business, technology and the arts has had a profound effect on our world, so if you know of anyone you think is worthy of a nomination then fill out their form. This group of young innovators has been covered extensively in past by CNBC, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, so it could be great exposure for that person.

I would also like to congratulate Technology Review's magazine. The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) has honored Technology Review as a finalist in its 40th anniversary National Magazine Awards competition. MIT's magazine of innovation was nominated in the General Excellence category for magazines with circulations between 250,000 and 500,000. Congrats and keep up the great work.

Technology Review is Looking for Cool People By Evan Roberts at 11:33 AM
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Web 2.0: In Canada It's Actually Web 1.3

Maple Leaf Web 2.0
After the conversion Web 2.0 is actually Web 1.3 in the US. None the less, the Canadians aren't all mooses, hockey and beer, they have the Interweb too! eh!

There is a Web 2.0 conference in Toronto on May 15th and 16th, eh! Some of the already booked speakers include Om Malik, Tara Hunt, Stowe Boyd, and Steve Rubel. I smell Labitat road trip, eh?

Web 2.0: In Canada It's Actually Web 1.3 By Jason Dowdell at 12:34 AM
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Yahoo Messenger to Go VoIP

Yahoo Messenger VoIP

Yahoo is no dummy, well other then the fact they had Tom Cruise come and speak to the company. I just don't see scientology as the proper way to get a Yahooian motivated. Although the Yahooian I know may enjoy scientology, but that maybe just because he's from Wisconsin. I digress, they are following the lead of AOL and Microsoft by adding VoIP to their messenger client. This is mainly a move to help retain customers as VoIP becomes more prevalent. Jupiter Research estimates that 20 million households will have VoIP by the year 2010. This Yahoo Messenger with Voice will also have Phone-In and Phone-Out services, for a additional fee, but will allow users to make and receive calls to and from traditional land and cellular lines. Phone-In and Phone-Out will no doubt be integrated in other Yahoo services such as mail, contacts and I would almost bet search in some form.

This move was inevitable for Yahoo and I expect any other Internet chat client that wants to survey long term will have some sort of VoIP support in due time.

Yahoo Messenger to Go VoIP By Evan Roberts at 12:19 AM
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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dell Acquires Alienware to Compete Against Itself?

Maybe it is poor timing, or just bad planning by the marketing and PR departments but, a day after Dell announced its $10,000 high-end gaming computer, the Renegade, they decide snatch up high-end gaming computer maker Alienware. According to Michael Dell,
Alienware will continue - for a time, at least - to operate as its own entity, keeping its current executives and workers. Eventually, however, it's more than likely that Alienware will eventually be absorbed into Dell's infrastructure.

There are a few implications from this that are quite obvious to me. First, it seems that the Dell XPS series, and the Renegade, will continue to compete against Alienware and their high-end gaming rigs and considering these are probably the two most recognizable brands in the industry it makes me wonder how long they will take to kill off either brand and will start seeing Dell Alienware lines.

Secondly, will Dell start selling AMD based machines, which is what Alienware's are comprised of? Currently, Dell only offers Intel based machines, but adding AMD to their portfolio could bring a whole world of new options for consumers and will, without a doubt, change the gaming PC industry.

Dell Acquires Alienware to Compete Against Itself? By Evan Roberts at 11:59 PM
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VideoEgg Acquires PopCast

VideoEgg, a leading innovator in web-based video publishing solutions, announced today that it has acquired Popcast. is a "digital publishing solution" which aims to be the Flickr of videos by allowing you to upload, publish and host your digital videos while Popcast is software that allows you to view and broadcast Internet TV channels.

To me this seems like a natural fit. Videoegg allows you to upload and share your videos across many platforms including blogs and Popcast is the proprietary video software that will streamline the process along with people being able to create their own Internet Tv channel. As Popcast states 'Welcome to the future of TV by viewers, for viewers.'

VideoEgg Acquires PopCast By Evan Roberts at 12:59 PM
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Microsoft Announces Windows Vista Delays Until 2007

Microsoft has delayed the launch of Vista until January 2007. The company still plans to release Vista to business partners through its volume licensing programme in November 2006 but PCs with Vista pre-installed will not be available until the following year.

A company spokesperson says they wanted to give consumers a firm date for when Vista would be broadly available. My guess is that they want to avoid the Xbox 360 situation, although I do not see Vista going up on ebay for $10,000 as some 360s did.

While this isn't really a surprise to the consumer world, retailers will not be very happy that Microsoft didn't have Vista ready for the 2006 holiday season for those anxious early adapters. Although builds are available through the not so legitimate channels if you are so inclined.

I think the real question in all of this is; Will this delay erode the demand for Vista?

Microsoft Announces Windows Vista Delays Until 2007 By Evan Roberts at 12:12 PM
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Thoughts On Google Finance

Financial wizards and chart aficianados around the world rejoiced Tuesday as Google launched a beta version of Google Finance, a Web site aggregating information about companies and mutual funds that features an interactive chart that correlates news and other events with stock price spikes and falls.

From a marketing prospective, Philipp Lenssen had an excellent point,"It’s interesting to see how many services are tied together in the new Google Finance. There’s Google News, Google SMS, Google Groups, Google Blog Search, and the Google Account. External sources include Nasdaq, AMEX and NYSE (ranging from real-time inclusion to delays of up to 20 minutes)."

So how does Google Financial compare with Yahoo? Asaf Buchner, a financial services analyst at JupiterResearch, said advanced features and an easy-to-use interface could help Google compete with rivals that have been around much longer.

That being said, the product out there today palls in comparison to what Yahoo Finance has been doing for years. Putting the Beta tag on newer offerings has always been Google's way of creating some leeway with usability issues, but shouldn't the product you put out be at least equal to it's main competitor?

For example, by redirecting daily stock checkers to Google Finance trogh the same channel that folks usually check Yahoo, Google is essentially using our daily habits to change our daily habits. This wouldn't be a huge mistake if the financial news were up to date. Unfortunately, the financial news stories on particular stocks are collected soley from Google News, often making them inconsequential. Like i said, if you can't do it at least as good as yahoo, why bother?

So what makes this instance of coattail-ridery any different from the numerous times Google has skipped down the paths blazened by Yahoo while merrily adding their personality and a few neat dohickeys?

To me, the stand outs are the easy references links(including a blog search) and the interactive chart/graph/whatever. Google Finance visitors can chart the daily ups and downs of a particular market just by scrolling over its name. Likewise, they can chart a stock's trajectory over one to five days, one to six months, or several years by dragging a slider, which also determines related news headlines that appear next to the charts. The inclusion of a blog search and feedback from Google groups gives added insight into why stocks are behaving in a given manner. As Yahoo Finance verion 2 promises interactive charts, the only difference between the two will be the addition of information on privately held companies and the links to pertinant blogs.

The increasingly seemless interaction between different Google applications is setting the stage for world domination and I, for one, would like to welcome our new Google overlords and offer any assistance they may need in rounding up resistance fighters.

Finance Portal FeatureGoogle Finance
Yahoo Finance Yahoo Finance V2
1.Static Image Stock Charts
2.Interactive Stock Charts
3.Related Press Releases
4.Blogs Mentioning Company
5.Message Boards
6.Advertising On Page
7.Data on Privately Held Companies
16.Community Groups2nd1st1st
17.Affiliate Program2nd1st1st
18.Backlink Based Algorithm1st2nd2nd
19.Public API1st2nd2nd
20.Google Answers1stN/AN/A
21.Blogging Application1st2nd2nd
22.Search Appliance1stN/AN/A
23.Proprietary OS1stN/AN/A
24.Social Networking1st2nd2nd
25.Blog SearchN/AN/AN/A
26.Financial Info

27Blog SearchN/AN/AN/A

Thoughts On Google Finance By Brent Brandow at 10:03 AM
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MySpace Not Attracting Big Name Advertisers

Myspace and Advertisers
Something about logging in to MySpace always makes me feel a little dirty; like i'm an old man at a middle school dance. It's the kind of dirty you can't wash off and the advertising reps for some of the world's biggest corporations have taken note.

Six ad execs for major advertisers sat on a panel at the "Revolution in Television" hosted by the Advertising Research Foundation Monday in New York and universally panned the popular site as a viable advertising venue.

Some of the reasons given by the bigwigs:

"I wouldn't be caught dead in that kind of environment. You only have to look around for five or 10 minutes to find something offensive."

-David Cohen, executive vice president for Universal McCann Interactive, with a client roster including Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Lowe's Home Improvement, Wendy's International, and Sony Electronics

"We're being cautious because there's a blurring between advertising and content, and the content does rub off on your brand."

-Dawn Hudson, president and CEO of Pepsi-Cola North America

Other panel notables included; Giovanni Fabris, vice president and international media director, McDonald's; Randy Falco, president and chief operating officer, NBC Universal Television Group; Paul Alexander, vice president of global advertising, Campbell's Soup Company; and Tony Pace, senior vice president and CMO, Subway Franchise Association.

Not exactly a bunch of ham-and-eggers.

Pobre MySpace

MySpace Not Attracting Big Name Advertisers By Brent Brandow at 02:42 PM
Comments (1) Curbs Click Fraud for Shopping Engines Sherlock Sleuth The click fraud detective is back in action, this time taking a look at the shopping portal is your typical comparison shopping engine like Shopzilla, and many others but according to their press release they are attempting to curb click fraud on shopping engines. There is no groundbreaking technology or any super algorithm. 'So what's their secret?' you ask. Make sure you are sitting down for this ....flat rate pricing! Unlimited click throughs! Ok, the exclamation points are full of sarcasm, I'm not really sure why they would put out a press release to let you know they have gone to flat rate pricing other then to get idiots like me to blog about it. In fact, I have never even heard of before I got this email. Have you? Curbs Click Fraud for Shopping Engines By Jason Dowdell at 12:46 PM
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MSN adCenter Not Compatible with IE

Just a quick note that I saw on adCenter blog the other day about the compatibilty of MSN adCenter and different browsers. Like most Microsoft products, it is not compatible with Firefox but that comes as no surprise. What I do find funny is that MSN adCenter does not work with IE7. IE7 is still in beta and I'm sure this issue will be fixed but you'd think there would be a little better inter-office communications by the Redmonians.

MSN adCenter Not Compatible with IE By Evan Roberts at 10:40 AM
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MSN adCenter to Increase Paid Search Traffic

About a month ago MSN adCenter turned up the traffic to its paid search ads from showing their ads 25% of the time to 40%. Apparently that has been a successful venture and MSN is taking another step closer to its unknown adCenter launch date by turning up the traffic yet again. AdCenter will now show its ads to 70% of MSN search traffic. This is a significant increase and may potentially impact your budget, so make sure you are aware of the change.

Below is the letter from MSN:

I want to share some exciting news regarding the adCenter pilot. We have reached another important milestone and are now ready to increase traffic once more to your campaigns.

The last traffic increase on February 27th to 40% was met with very positive feedback from our advertisers. Our next step is to carry out yet another increase as make our way towards the adCenter launch. To that end, we will be increasing the search traffic served by adCenter to 70%.

Your budget may be impacted as this is a sizeable increase from current traffic levels. Also, as more traffic is directed to adCenter, you should expect a decrease in traffic from your Yahoo! Search campaigns. We will continue to notify you regarding additional traffic increases as we near launch.

The traffic increase is scheduled to begin starting Wednesday March 22nd. You should begin to see an impact starting on Thursday March 23rd; however it may take several days to reach a level of 70%. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank You!

MSN adCenter to Increase Paid Search Traffic By Jason Dowdell at 10:36 AM
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Google and Nike Team Up For Footballers

By "football" I mean, "soccer." As excitement for the World Cup increases, Google and Nike have teamed up on Joga, a website for soccer fans and players . The exclusive website is invite-only, and logins are through Google accounts. You can get an invite by leaving your email, or by getting invited by another Joga member. FYI - Joga is short for; "Joga Bonito" — Portuguese for "play beautiful." What makes Joga so great? According to Nike: Joga is unique, because it's an organically growing network of trusted friends. It is one of a kind network that focuses solely on a common interest around the game of soccer. Joga will help you connect to people who share the same passion for the game and also access exclusive content around athlete profiles, video clips and photos. I wonder if there is a forum for the soccer hooligans?

Google and Nike Team Up For Footballers By Brent Brandow at 04:02 PM
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Sprint Ambassador Program Aimed At Key Bloggers

MarketingShift is in the Sprint Ambassador Program

So last week I received an invite from Sprint / Nextel to apply to be part of the Sprint Ambassador Program. The offer and email didn't appear to be a scam or anything so after reading through the terms of service I decided to apply for the program. Basically, Sprint is inviting select individuals to test out a new phone and cell phone service for free for a period of 6 months. The service includes a Samsung A-920 cell phone and 6 months of all access to the Sprint Power Vision Network. In exchange, those in the Sprint Ambassador Program are asked to provide feedback on their likes / dislikes during the 6 months at their convenience. At the end of the program the Ambassadors (users in the Sprint program) get to keep the phone, which I thought was pretty schweet.

Why Would Sprint Do This?
There are several obvious reasons, but let me be clear, programs like this will become less rare in the near term. Sprint realizes that bloggers with audiences matching Sprint's ideal market demographics (in my case most of you are young, affluent, trend-setters and bright) can get the message to that audience much more effectively than they could ever do with a huge billboard or a tv commercial. Also, the cost of implementation is much smaller... I have yet to see a person's name or address or contact phone number in the program thus far. Try buying some air-time for a tv spot without ever knowing who your dealing with, it's impossible. Also, the cost of a phone plus service for their new product offering is less than they spend in an hour on ppc for sure.

Reasons This Trend Will Only Strengthen

1.) Bloggers are influental and reach core audiences traditional advertising could never reach as effectively.

2.) The best blogs are run by individuals which creates loyalty from readers unlike a magazine, trade publication or tv station.

3.) Blogs are beginning to own the natural search engine rankings.

4.) Bloggers don't always want money from their sponsors, often time they just want cool stuff that's not yet available to the public or stuff that confirms they're the trend-setters in their niche.

5.) The no-strings-attached approach makes it easy for a blogger to opt-in or opt-out of an advertising / sponsorship arrangement at will. No monthly contract for x number of impressions or x number of clicks... "Just show it to me and if I like it and I don't have to lose sleep over it at night then I'll probably use it or try it out, otherwise forget it."

6.) Bloggers run in influental circles online and offline. I've already told some of my close friends about the Sprint Ambassador Program and my wife can't wait til she gets to try the phone out. Reaching the right demographic online and possibly more importantly, offline, is critical to a brand's success.

I'm looking forward to playing around with this new toy, will be here in a couple of weeks, and I'll give candid feedback on the Sprint Power Vision Network features and the Samsung A920 cell phone here during the 6 month period.

Sprint Ambassador Program Aimed At Key Bloggers By Jason Dowdell at 03:37 PM
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Targeting the Literate chose target marketing over keywords as the best way to match a literate audience with advertisers. The site offers poetry, reflections and commentary contributed by users in a community that looks like MySpace for grownups.

As the explosion in blogging has proven, people seem more interested in writing their opinions and reading those of others in the past, so perhaps will be able to attract a sizeable audience with a desireable demographic.

Instead of selling keywords, the company is tracking user behavior on the site, and then displaying ads based on the searches and articles read. The company says they charge less than keyword ad systems.

Behavioral targeting will increasingly be used within sites and across the web by Microsoft, and Google and Yahoo as well, and if the ROI is proven to be genuine, it will put pressure on keyword sellers to be more price competitive.

Found via Media Post.

Targeting the Literate By John Gartner at 10:04 AM
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MySpace Not Attracting Big Name Advertisers
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MSN adCenter Not Compatible with IE
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