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Friday, March 24, 2006

Web 2.0: Zooomr = Flickr on Steriods

If Barry Bonds used the Internet, he'd be proud. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not like Flickr, in fact I have a disdain for it. Although, it can be very time consuming looking at people's photos, it's a slow site (although getting better then it was), it slows down web pages where people have their photostream, and it's generally poorly laid out. Well, someone else must have thought the same thing or he just got bored. 17 year-old, Kristopher Tate, is developing what people have dubbed "Flickr on Steriods".

I just recently found this site so I can not give an indepth analysis of it but some of the features and things I've noticed are quite noticeable, and nice!

-Zooomr is much cleaner and more properly laid out then
-Cheaper then Flickr - An ad-supported version and a "Pro" account for $20 per year.
-Lightbox - Zooomr uses one of my favorite web techniques for displaying its images LightBox. With the lightbox view the photo is essentially highlighted in the middle of the screen while the background on your PC is darkened out.. You can see an example here.
-Zooomr also generates html code to allow you to paste the Zooomer photo into your blog or web site.
-Interesting Geotagging mash-up with Google Maps which allows you to see photos based on their location. Great if you are going on vacation and are looking for interesting sites to see.
-'Add People' - this is an interesting twist on social networking where you can tag a photo with people who are in the picture and then it ranks the popular people. MySpace kids will love that.
-Zoomrtations - ability to add mp3 or wav file to a photo, which can enrich the photo sharing experience. Example here
-Upload one at a time or in bulk

One thing that is even more mind-blowing, outside of the fact a 17 year-old is solely behind the creation of Zooomr, is the fact that he rebuilt the Flickr API to incorporate it with Zooomr. Meaning, developers who have used the Flickr API just have to replace with to make their application work with Zooomr.

Tate knows Yahoo! is watching his creation with frequent visits but he insists he is not trying to compete with Flickr on all aspects and is focusing more on the Metadata to enrich the photo sharing experience rather then Flickr's social focus. All in all Zooomr is very impressive and there are a lot of features that I did not mention so it is worth checking out for yourself.

I'm not sure what this kids parents gave him for breakfast, but I want some!

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