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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Web 2.0 Companies Vie for Google's Affection..and Money

Like a gaggle of cheerleaders pining for the dreamy star quarterback, it's always entertaining to watch the Web 2.0 community vie for Google's attention (AKA dollars).

The recent aquisition of Upstartle has provided hope companies struggling to keep their heads above water long enough for Google to (hopefully) buy them out.

Redmonk analyst and all around know-it-all Stephen O'Grady was more than happy to point out the obvious, "The general pattern is that big companies let the other companies do the innovations for them. Smaller companies can do innovation in a more agile fashion outside the boundaries of a large company, and they get acquired."

The deal has also breathed new life into speculation over Google's future plans, especially those involving GDrive.

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