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Monday, March 13, 2006

Under 30 and Overly Talented

Once again, the kids are alright with technology investors. The new BusinessWeek has a package of feature stories covering the youngish techies who are creating the startups that will redefine the web.

As I said last week, Silicon Valley seems poised to again party like it's 1995 as Web 2.0 replaces "dot com" as the buzzword that will get investors lining up on the doorstep.

The articles include good stuff about promising Web 2.0 companies, and a list of a dozen entrepreneurs under 30 who are poised for success.

Unlike the last euphoric round of internet investments, the money won't be thrown around in the same quantities, and companies will have to prove themselves before going IPO. Perhaps 'Net technology help us to grow the economy like the late '90s, although much of the programming may be done in India. Did you also notice that most of the new tycoons on the billionaires list are from there?

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