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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Trexy Follows Others Searches

Are you smarter than the average searcher? Search engine enhancement Trexy lets you compare your searches with others and keep a record of your travels.

Trexy watches your searches on Google et al, and allows you to save your search paths for later use. You can also share your searches with others, as well as learn from others' adventures.

Since you can use bookmarks, Google's advanced search or your browsing history to re-find information, the community aspect is the only new hook. But for me, the trail doesn't matter, it's the end result of finding what you wanted. Am I missing something?

By John Gartner at 02:56 PM | Comments (1)

(1) Thoughts on Trexy Follows Others Searches

Be well all. I am new at trying any search engine that i have not heard of. But I do believe that is the way to go for me. If anyone can help me,I will do what I can to help you with what ever you want help with. I am looking to meet a fire baby mama over 60.If you still got it at 60 I am hoping that is a sign that you will still be young at heart and for a whole lotta year's to come. I'm 57 and still love McCartney and Carly Simon just as much as Dean Martin and Bobby Vinton.(you can through in Dickey Bett's).Refuse to go to those "so called 100% free" add's.Any help from anyone will get you a free beer next time your in Milwaukee. I am for real though I probably did a crappy job of putting my feeling's the way I should have.And even if you can't help,If I can hlp you somehow with something,please advise. The Convincer in Brew Town.

Comments by CONVINCER : Friday, February 27, 2009 at 03:06 AM

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