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Monday, March 20, 2006

Targeting the Literate chose target marketing over keywords as the best way to match a literate audience with advertisers. The site offers poetry, reflections and commentary contributed by users in a community that looks like MySpace for grownups.

As the explosion in blogging has proven, people seem more interested in writing their opinions and reading those of others in the past, so perhaps will be able to attract a sizeable audience with a desireable demographic.

Instead of selling keywords, the company is tracking user behavior on the site, and then displaying ads based on the searches and articles read. The company says they charge less than keyword ad systems.

Behavioral targeting will increasingly be used within sites and across the web by Microsoft, and Google and Yahoo as well, and if the ROI is proven to be genuine, it will put pressure on keyword sellers to be more price competitive.

Found via Media Post.

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