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Friday, March 24, 2006

One Woman For Me - Unique Is My Dove

One Woman For Me

So the last couple of days haven't been all that great... Tuesday it started with Finley getting sick and Shannon not getting any sleep, then Wed afternoon I've got it coming out both ends only to be followed by Shannon that night and we're still not completely out of the woods. For those of you that have small children, you know how hard it can be when one of you is sick, but just imagine when both parents are sick! It's not easy and everybody knows you hurt the ones closest to you when things are tight... alas... this is my apology to my girl who's full of Hai Chi, even when she doesn't feel like it.

From the words of my favorite new artist MatisYahu, Unique is My Dove...
"...Put your head on my shoulder, tell me what you been through.
When I lose my focus you remind me of the truth..."
My favorite part of the song though is the chorus.
"One Woman For Me, Other half of my soul, you are my queen.
One woman for me,
Other half of my soul, roots of my tree"
Love you honey, Piper and I will be home soon.

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