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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Netscape Tries to Digg Itself Out, the erstwhile portal heavyweight, is going to reinvent itself as a news site molded in the Digg image, according to (Who was Brad Pitt with the last time you visited

The site reportedly will be managed by Weblogs Inc founder Jason Calacanis. The race to out Digg Digg is on, and it could be only a matter of time before the company that first popularized the power-to-the-people model is surpassed by an imitator with a bigger wallet.

Alas, Poor Netscape, I knew it well (like in 1999 when it had 25 million registered users and was a haven for developers). The AOL/TW/Netscape company history is like watching a fish eat smaller fish poisoned by mercury until the larger fish becomes lethal to eat. Netscape was purchased by AOL, and Time Warner bought TBS, then AOL bought Time Warner, took and then lost the AOL name, and now none of the pieces are worth close to what they were previous to being acquired.

Found via MarketingVox.

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