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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MSN adCenter to Increase Paid Search Traffic

About a month ago MSN adCenter turned up the traffic to its paid search ads from showing their ads 25% of the time to 40%. Apparently that has been a successful venture and MSN is taking another step closer to its unknown adCenter launch date by turning up the traffic yet again. AdCenter will now show its ads to 70% of MSN search traffic. This is a significant increase and may potentially impact your budget, so make sure you are aware of the change.

Below is the letter from MSN:

I want to share some exciting news regarding the adCenter pilot. We have reached another important milestone and are now ready to increase traffic once more to your campaigns.

The last traffic increase on February 27th to 40% was met with very positive feedback from our advertisers. Our next step is to carry out yet another increase as make our way towards the adCenter launch. To that end, we will be increasing the search traffic served by adCenter to 70%.

Your budget may be impacted as this is a sizeable increase from current traffic levels. Also, as more traffic is directed to adCenter, you should expect a decrease in traffic from your Yahoo! Search campaigns. We will continue to notify you regarding additional traffic increases as we near launch.

The traffic increase is scheduled to begin starting Wednesday March 22nd. You should begin to see an impact starting on Thursday March 23rd; however it may take several days to reach a level of 70%. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank You!

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