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Friday, March 24, 2006

More Microsoft Delays, Office 2007 in 2007

Just the other day we reported Windows Vista will be delayed until Jan 2007. Well, it seems like the delay bug is spreading throughout the Redmond campus because Microsoft-Watch is reporting that Office 2007 will be late and not available until....Jan of 2007! I really don't think there is a big issue with a 2007 product actually coming out in 2007, especially Office where older versions are reliable enough for almost everyone. The one feature I am looking forward to in Office 2007 is the ability for MS Excel will now be able to handle over 1 million rows, as opposed to the ~65,000 it is currently limited to, this will make large PPC account spreadsheets so much easier to handle.

Other then the fact that retailers will miss out on some holiday sales of Office and Vista, I really do not think either delay is that big of a deal. In fact, I'm glad they are delaying Vista. I would much rather then get it right now then having to send out the typical hundred patches the day after Vista goes on sale because this operating system will be supported for many years to come. If they are spending the time to make the OS better and increasingly secure, I say 'delay away Microsoft'.

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