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Friday, March 24, 2006

Mapping Hits Close to Home

Several articles are discussing how mapping sites such as Google Maps, Windows Live Local, and Platial allow us to get extremely personal by mapping data.

Mapping sites can help us to find where our Internet friends live, or even find out what all that construction work was at a neighbor's house.

The big brother aspect of this is somewhat overblown, like when people were upset because a stalkers used a reverse phone lookup online to find where a victim lived. Don't blame the technology just because it makes life easier for friend and foe alike. Similarly, the hullabaloo about Gawker Stalker blames a tool for incredibly obnoxious behavior.

Marketers could do their own mashups by mapping the data they purchase about consumers. Instead of figuring out how and where to sell based on a zip code, Google Maps etc. can be overlayed on demographic data on a block by block basis.

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