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Monday, March 27, 2006

Local Search Industry Gets a Boost from Insider Pages

Score one for the local search industry. Local search engine, Insider Pages .com was the recepitant of $8.5 million in funding led by investment capital giants Sequoia Capital and Softbank Capital.

Insider Pages is a local search engine/online yellow pages, which boasts over 500,000 customer reviews, built around the concept that the best way to find a local business is through a personal recommendation. Users of the site have created reviews of local businesses in categories ranging from dentists, doctors and hairstylists to plumbers, realtors and restaurants. The company has been a pioneer of the pay per phone call advertising model for thousands of small businesses from hairstylists to mortgage brokers.

This is a big boost to the local search sector and to Sequoia is a known for investments in high profile companies such as Google, Cisco, Apple, Oracle, and Yahoo!

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