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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Google Pages Public Beta, Lets Take Another Look

So Google Pages is in public beta right now, meaning, if you missed the original signup back in Jan/Feb then you can sign up now. They are still throttling invitations so when you sign-up it may take a little while to get your actual invitation. Lucky for me, I signed up and got my page created during the first limited beta but now is as good of a time as any to take a look back at Google Pages.

The interface hasn't changed much and the only noticeable improvement is speed. What I found interesting in the first go round of Google Pages, was the fact that Google said the pages would be crawled and index nearly instantaneously. Well, over a month after I created my Google Page, it is no where to be found. Using one of the Google site commands we can see there are over 21,000 Google Pages indexed. Doesn't that number seem a little low to you? I know blogosphere has more influence then 21,000 pages, and where is mine? Regardless of the lack of content or links from external sites, google says the page will be crawled which would lead me to assume it would indexed as well, but again, where is mine?

Maybe it is for the better. You and I both know that in time they will integrate Google Adsense sign-up into Google Pages, a la blogger (and blogspot). And, if these pages were really crawled instantaneously this will fuel the creation of a new form of Splogs, spam Google Pages. I am coining the phrase 'Spages'!

You heard it here first!

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