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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Google and Verizon Loco for Local Ads

Verizon's SuperPages is now pitching Google's AdWords to its millions of local print advertisers, which will create substantial revenue for both companies.

Today the overwhelming majority of small businesses don't advertise online or even have a web presence, but Verizon's field reps knocking on their doors shilling Google will likely reverse that pretty quickly. With pay-per-call advertising, mom and pop shop's can play with SuperPages, Google, AOL, etc. without even setting up a website.

Most of the time when I want to buy something locally, my first instinct is to use local search based on my zip code, and if I can't find anything there, I try the yellow pages. Local search is far from comprehensive, and the yellow pages has no depth about the products and services offered.

The combined marketing power of Google and SuperPages could eradicate those deficiencies if enough small biz owners are convinced that millions of people like me only go to the yellow pages as a last resort.

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