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Monday, March 20, 2006

Google and Nike Team Up For Footballers

By "football" I mean, "soccer." As excitement for the World Cup increases, Google and Nike have teamed up on Joga, a website for soccer fans and players . The exclusive website is invite-only, and logins are through Google accounts. You can get an invite by leaving your email, or by getting invited by another Joga member. FYI - Joga is short for; "Joga Bonito" — Portuguese for "play beautiful." What makes Joga so great? According to Nike: Joga is unique, because it's an organically growing network of trusted friends. It is one of a kind network that focuses solely on a common interest around the game of soccer. Joga will help you connect to people who share the same passion for the game and also access exclusive content around athlete profiles, video clips and photos. I wonder if there is a forum for the soccer hooligans?

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