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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Free USB Drive from Microsoft

Microsoft is giving away free USB drives, well free if you want to give up a little information and attempt 4 question True/False quiz. This looks like a interesting way to attempt to curve piracy. The whole concept behind the promotion is
"Mystery Solved: Somethings will always be a mystery, Windows licensing doesn't have to be."
They ask you to sign into passport, ask for some address info and then the 4 questions about Windows Licensing which I apparently got all wrong because the answers are on the promo page, reading was not one of my better subjects in grade school. After you complete the survey you will see the image that i posted in the screenshot, tell you that you will receive a USB drive packed with valuable Windows Licensing info. Hopefully it will be larger then 32MB but no promises. I suspect I will not be the only one who will not read the info and instead delete it and load it full up MP3s.

Oh well, its Free! Thanks Bill!

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