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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Face It: The Kids Are in Charge

Slowly, but insidiously during the past two generations, adult America has lost control. Marketing is no longer meant for wizened gray hairs with IRAs and nest eggs; every pitch, ploy and gimmick that comes out of Madison Avenue or LA is aimed at kids too young to know what responsible spending is.

The ridiculous sums of money that MySpace already received and Facebook supposedly will get show just how far off the appraised value of the young audience is.

Yes, teens and college students buy lots of music, clothes and video games, but is this really THE most desirable demographic for many advertisers? Why oh why?

Can you imagine walking into a VC and saying, "I have an audience that is largely unemployed or making minimum wage, switches loyalties from month to month, can't legally drink, and will leave us in five years or less. Can I have $50 million?"

Somewhere between Kent State, MTV, and Xbox, parents became unable to say no to their kids, so now the best way into the pocketbooks and wallets of middle-aged America is by selling to their compulsively-consuming children. Call me a curmudgeon, but a market correction is in order.

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