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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dell Acquires Alienware to Compete Against Itself?

Maybe it is poor timing, or just bad planning by the marketing and PR departments but, a day after Dell announced its $10,000 high-end gaming computer, the Renegade, they decide snatch up high-end gaming computer maker Alienware. According to Michael Dell,
Alienware will continue - for a time, at least - to operate as its own entity, keeping its current executives and workers. Eventually, however, it's more than likely that Alienware will eventually be absorbed into Dell's infrastructure.

There are a few implications from this that are quite obvious to me. First, it seems that the Dell XPS series, and the Renegade, will continue to compete against Alienware and their high-end gaming rigs and considering these are probably the two most recognizable brands in the industry it makes me wonder how long they will take to kill off either brand and will start seeing Dell Alienware lines.

Secondly, will Dell start selling AMD based machines, which is what Alienware's are comprised of? Currently, Dell only offers Intel based machines, but adding AMD to their portfolio could bring a whole world of new options for consumers and will, without a doubt, change the gaming PC industry.

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