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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Corporate Blogging, Robert Scoble and Microsoft Delays

We at Marketing Shift usually don't acknowledge this kind of blogosphere drama basically because it is a waste of time, but I can not ignore the childishness I am seeing by bloggers. For those of you who don't know, Microsoft Geek Blogger Robert Scoble, recently wrote a post criticizing non-reputable journalists and bloggers mainly focused around the misreporting that 60% of Windows Vista (the next windows) is having to be re-written. Anyone with a lick of common sense should have seen this report as false. There is no possible way that would (or could) happen. Some people apparently believed it and attacked Scoble after his understandably frustrated response. At first it was childish personal comments towards him, then it was statements saying he is the reason companies should not have corporate blogs. And now, people are saying Scoble should be fired.


First off, those who sent personal attacks to Scoble aren't even worth mentioning. I graduated from high school a long time ago and left all that childishness there. I wish everyone else would too.

Secondly, I think Scoble is the perfect reason FOR having a corporate blog. Sure he may have called unethical bloggers jerks but I don't think that reflects on Microsoft at all. Do you think Google and Apple (among others) like the misreporting and rumors that people make up (mostly linksterbaiters)? I doubt it. I'm sure they are thinking exactly what Scoble said.

Big Whoop.

I think it is important for a company with the size of Microsoft to have a corporate personality and blog. It makes them seem more real. People already have their premeditated and unfounded hate for Microsoft. No matter what Scoble says, their will be critics flaming with their anti-Microsoft propaganda. Mostly its uniformed propaganda formed by personal opinions of why they think Microsoft is Evil. Nobody is perfect, and no company is perfect. For bloggers and non-bloggers to expect perfection is insanity. Companies are run by people, people make mistakes and I think covering them up to portray a perfect corporate image is a waste of time, the truth will surface.

In todays technology world, you need to have that personality that bloggers and people can relate to. You don't see much blogosphere talk about IBM do you? Maybe they should have a corporate blog.

And the whole firing of Scoble issue, is nonsense. He is not the one behind the Vista delays (try pointing the finger at someone else), he does a great job of killing the ridiculous rumors that always seem to surface, and does not sugarcoat things to the extent so many people would suggest.

People need to layoff attacking Microsoft employees (ie Scoble) and maybe look towards the Microsoft leadership to find the problem with the company. But that would require people to take off their Google-colored glasses and realize Microsoft is not the evil company on the block anymore, which may never happen.

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