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Friday, March 03, 2006

ABC Jumps Into Online Video

The House of Mouse's ABC will be the first network to make its top-rated TV shows available for free online. ABC will launch, which lets you watch Grey's Anatomy, Lost, and several other shows on your PC.

Distributing shows with in-stream ads is definitely the best method for generating additional revenue online as advertisers and viewers are comfortable with the model. Since you can't skip through the ads online, I bet more broadcasters will see this option as more favorable than having their shows TiVoed. Also, the ads can be interactive and drive traffic to the advertisers' websites, which is a win for everyone.

I'm guessing that the revenue from selling shows on iTunes for $1.99 a pop was underwhelming, so this is another good avenue. ABC will likely make shows available the day after they are broadcast. Most people will prefer to watch shows on their larger screens, so I doubt that this will greatly affect their Nielsen Ratings.

Found via Adotas.

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