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Friday, March 03, 2006

Map Mash-ups Make Meaningful Marketing

The first round of map mash-ups is just the tip of the iceberg in how interactive maps can be used as effective marketing tools.

Yahoo has created an API for mashing its local events calendar with maps, so you can see exactly where things are happening. This is a huge win for urban dwellers looking for cool events that are nearby.

Local business associations should be all over this, creating interactive maps that promote all of the shops, bars and restaurants. Every commercial property on local search sites should be mapped to make it easier for people to stroll around town or find a place to eat before the theater.

Hollywood has caught on, as Warner Brothers has created a mashup of NYC for the flick 16 Blocks, as well as creating a site for people to create their own 16 block areas.

Map Mash-ups Make Meaningful Marketing By John Gartner at 02:12 PM
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ABC Jumps Into Online Video

The House of Mouse's ABC will be the first network to make its top-rated TV shows available for free online. ABC will launch, which lets you watch Grey's Anatomy, Lost, and several other shows on your PC.

Distributing shows with in-stream ads is definitely the best method for generating additional revenue online as advertisers and viewers are comfortable with the model. Since you can't skip through the ads online, I bet more broadcasters will see this option as more favorable than having their shows TiVoed. Also, the ads can be interactive and drive traffic to the advertisers' websites, which is a win for everyone.

I'm guessing that the revenue from selling shows on iTunes for $1.99 a pop was underwhelming, so this is another good avenue. ABC will likely make shows available the day after they are broadcast. Most people will prefer to watch shows on their larger screens, so I doubt that this will greatly affect their Nielsen Ratings.

Found via Adotas.

ABC Jumps Into Online Video By Jason Dowdell at 01:32 PM
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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Phones Pluck Flickr Photos

Mobile phone users who are image addicted can automatically have Flickr photos sent to their inseparable devices. Netomat's service automatically resizes Flickr images for the small screens and forwards them to your mobile phones or PCs. It can also be used to forward textual data feeds (RSS or Atom) to phones.

The company hasn't said how it will make money (RSS ads?); today users will only have to pay the data charges. Netomat started as an art project that interactively collected images and text based on search terms.

So the tsunami of digital image sharing will go in both directions, to and from phones. When will you have time to talk?

Phones Pluck Flickr Photos By John Gartner at 01:19 PM
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LinkedIn Goes to School

Professional networking site LinkedIn has added a classmate finder to its roster of free services. By adding your collegiate information you can look for school chums by the year of your graduation or a range of dates.

This should be helpful for connecting with drinking buddies or ex's, but since I commuted to a large school (Temple University ) and can't remember the name of a single person I went to school with, it's not a big help. Perhaps a high school version is in the works too to compete with MySpace and

It's fun to pretend that you are Kevin Bacon and see how your circle of peers are connected. (For example, I know one of the Kevin Bacon game inventors). Perhaps LinkedIn or some clever marketers will figure out a way to rate the worth of an individual by the quality of their friends, and charge for access to you accordingly.

LinkedIn Goes to School By John Gartner at 12:52 PM
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Google Sitemaps Adds Keyword Data

99% of the people in the search marketing world should already understand the importance of data, Google is helping that 1% with their new keyword feature inside Google Sitemaps. It is basic data but worth taking a look at if you are at all interested in how people found your site. It's far from groundbreaking but since everyone other then me apparently loves Google, I thought I would let you know.

Google Sitemaps Adds Keyword Data By Jason Dowdell at 11:57 AM
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Today's Microsoft Round-Up

I had planned on doing one post today but these topics keep popping up and for some reason they all have to do with Microsoft. For some strange reason Big Softie has been in the news a lot lately, even more so then before. First it was their wanna-be CraigsList (Live Expo), Hotmail spam blocking troubles, Free USB thumbdrives, and then all the MSN adCenter news .

Well here are a couple of more news and notes from the upper left coast giant. They have opened up Office Live registration, which is supposed to help online collaboration and web efforts. The basic package is free but when it gets out of beta, the other packages start at $30 a month. I'm not positive this will catch on basically because there are so many free tools out there and I'd be able to review it for you if it, like all other M$FT products didn't require you to use Internet Exploder.

Also in the news regarding Microsoft, they have put out week 2 of their Oragami Project which is speculated to be a PC, touch screen media player, portable xbox, do it all, always connected mini device. I know what you are thinking, 'umm Evan, isn't that what a PDA is?' Exactly my thoughts, and if you look at the engadget sneak peak, it basically looks like a PDA turned sideways. There has been no clue as to what it is going to be, except if you view the source code on the Oragami Project's home page, it reads:
The Mobile PC running Windows XP.
What does that mean? Your guess is as good as mine, but it is at least interesting. The best part about it all is that it is making the techno-geek form of Internet racism apparent.

If you read around the web people are frustrated with Microsoft's buzz machine and just want them to put out the product already. Comments on blogs, news sources, are all fairly aggressive. Flip the table a little bit and look at Apple's buzz machine. Everything they create a buzz over gets people all excited and beaming with anticipation.

Why such the hatred for Microsoft people? They are our friends, on our side to take down the Evil Google, well at least on my side.

Today's Microsoft Round-Up By Evan Roberts at 11:45 AM
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That's a Bold Statement Microsoft

To me, Nothing is more entertaining than drama among interweb dweebs. So, imagine my delight when i saw that Microsoft essentially said that they could put a beatdown on Google at the flip of a switch.

Check out my boy Neil Holloway, the Microsoft president for Europe, Middle East and Africa; "What we're saying is that in six months' time we'll be more relevant in the U.S. market place than Google."

Oh snap!

The Neilmiester continued, "Should we add a Google-like search engine but twice as good hard-core into Windows? Guess what. If we did that, I don't think a company called Google would be very happy."

Holloway, I like the cut of your jib.

All kidding aside, Holloway makes a good point. Microsoft has more cash than God and when they put their search engine into the widely used communications tools Windows, Windows Messenger and Hotmail it might be ballgame.

That's a Bold Statement Microsoft By Brent Brandow at 11:18 AM
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

MSN adCenter to Allow New Sign-Ups

No more waiting for an invite to sign up for MSN's new PPC program. No more need to hack MSN Adcenter registration. Well, at least for 3 hours on March 6th. MSN is opening up adCenter for 3 hours only to new registrations beginning at 9am PST on Monday March 6. Once you sign up you will be able to begin creating campaigns and giving MSN your money! Hoo-Ray.

MSN adCenter to Allow New Sign-Ups By Jason Dowdell at 06:13 PM
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Free USB Drive from Microsoft

Microsoft is giving away free USB drives, well free if you want to give up a little information and attempt 4 question True/False quiz. This looks like a interesting way to attempt to curve piracy. The whole concept behind the promotion is
"Mystery Solved: Somethings will always be a mystery, Windows licensing doesn't have to be."
They ask you to sign into passport, ask for some address info and then the 4 questions about Windows Licensing which I apparently got all wrong because the answers are on the promo page, reading was not one of my better subjects in grade school. After you complete the survey you will see the image that i posted in the screenshot, tell you that you will receive a USB drive packed with valuable Windows Licensing info. Hopefully it will be larger then 32MB but no promises. I suspect I will not be the only one who will not read the info and instead delete it and load it full up MP3s.

Oh well, its Free! Thanks Bill!

Free USB Drive from Microsoft By Evan Roberts at 05:03 PM
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Windows Live Expo Lives

Microsoft has opened the doors, er Windows, to its classified/social networking site Live Expo. The site that will challenge Craigslist includes most of the major metropolitan areas.

More details to come after we've had a chance to kick the tires on it, but if you live in one of those cities you can check it out yourself and let us know what you think! Live Expo

Windows Live Expo Lives By John Gartner at 03:09 PM
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Trexy Follows Others Searches

Are you smarter than the average searcher? Search engine enhancement Trexy lets you compare your searches with others and keep a record of your travels.

Trexy watches your searches on Google et al, and allows you to save your search paths for later use. You can also share your searches with others, as well as learn from others' adventures.

Since you can use bookmarks, Google's advanced search or your browsing history to re-find information, the community aspect is the only new hook. But for me, the trail doesn't matter, it's the end result of finding what you wanted. Am I missing something?

Trexy Follows Others Searches By John Gartner at 02:56 PM
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Much Ado About Email

The brouhaha over the Yahoo/AOL/Goodmail plan to offer a certified email service is a big stink about nothing.

From what I understand, the service is elective, which means that if bulk emailers don't see value in it, they won't use it, and can continue business as usual. If you are happy with your email communications today, don't invest in it. Now if AOL or Yahoo force companies to use the service, that is an entirely different story.

Why is it a bad thing for ISPs to offer a premium service? Were there riots in the streets when organic milk was brought to market, as similarly companies were charging more for a superior product. Did people panic that regular milk was therefore going to be tainted? No.

All of this hoopla is just a knee-jerk reaction to the urban myth of the email tax. If it is a valuable service, companies will use it. If not, no one will use it or remember it in a year.

Regarding subscribers, Yahoo email account holders have very little to complain about since the service is free today, and will remain free tomorrow. For AOL subscribers who pay for their email accounts, the real concern about this service is if AOL sends "certified" mail that is really spam that passes through filters that they have set up. If I'm paying for spam blocking, I don't want a company to be able to pay to get around it.

Much Ado About Email By John Gartner at 12:32 PM
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