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Friday, February 03, 2006

Worshippers Turn to Godcasts

If downloadable audio is good enough to spread the music of metal band The Almighty, then surely it's a proper medium to spread the word of The Almighty.

Religions of all stripe have put faith in the ability of the digital word to connect with fellow members through Godcasts. Christians can hear weekly sermons, Jews can listen to daily readings from the Torah, Buddhists can hear reflective teachings, and the Islamicast provide Quranic recitation.

Godcasting is just another example of how audio is resurging as a marketing tool. Listening to audio has the advantage over reading because it is a passive activity that can be done while exercising, traveling, or while "working." I'm guessing that listening to audio replaces a bit of the reading that we do, but primarily it supplants broadcast radio and creates new advertising inventory when directed towards individuals who aren't inclined to pay for content.

It amazes me that downloadable audio has been around in quantity for more than a decade, but the buzz around one device has greatly expanded interest. Bless you, iPod.

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