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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Timely Targeted Marketing

Behavioral targeting (also known as target marketing, behavioral marketing or retargeting) is effective and will grow in popularity, according to a report from 24/7 Real Media.

While you should view any self-promotional report like this with a skeptical eye, I found it interesting that the report states that targeted ads performed better when the content of the ads was about a different subject than the content on the host website.

For example, ads targeting women performed better on general interest sites than on sites about women. I'm guessing that if people are fully engaged in the articles that they are reading, they are less likely to interrupt their flow by clicking on a related ad than if they are not so involved.

Perhaps ads on fresh topics have more allure (like advertising luxury cars on an investment site). This is where the behavioral tracking that follows the reader's pattern is needed. Would an ad system that "waits" until someone hasn't read about cars for a while before trying to recharge interest in the topic yield higher click through ratios?

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