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Monday, February 06, 2006

SimpleFeed Secures RSS

Today at the DEMO conference SimpleFeed announced new services for folks looking to deliver information to partners or consumers via RSS. SimpleFeed Secure distributes RSS feeds over a secure (SSL) connection and will work with browsers such as IE 7 that support password protected URLs.

SimpleFeed wants to tap into the financial services sector by offering RSS as a simpler method of distributing secure information to clients, or to give sellers an option for providing "deep information about products," according to CEO Mark Carlson.

For smaller companies looking to dip a toe into RSS, SimpleFeed announced technology to automatically convert an HTML page into an RSS feed, as well as a web interface that uses templates to automatically generate feeds.

Perhaps publishers such as the NYTimes or iTunes will begin to RSS to distribute protected feeds, or develop subscription services that send out entire articles or programs via RSS. RSS could become a value add that offers publishers a chance to earn more revenue than what is generated by feeds linking to their websites.

I'm really surprised that Google hasn't started to offer RSS feeds yet of its growing database of products and podcasts. Let's get with it people.

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