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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Pheedo Pheeds Ads Into RSS

RSS technology company Pheedo has developed an ad format for enclosing ads in RSS feeds that could open the door for the extensive use of RSS-based advertising.

Pheedo announced the new format in conjunction with PRWeb, which will intersperse ads with its press release RSS feeds. The contextual ads will find ads related to the feed's content. PRWeb will also distribute skyscraper ads that contain several press release headlines.

The ads can be injected into individual blog postings or as stand alone items as part of a feed, according to Bill Flitter, VP of Pheedo. He says stand alone ads have a 7 percent click through rate. Publishers can determine their ratio of content to ads in a feed, with 2-3 pieces of content per ad an appropriate mix. PRWeb has people review the ads to make sure they match the feed content, according to Flitter.

RSS ads using Pheedo's technology are currently being used by several publishers including

RSS ads opens another door for bloggers and other publishers to subsidize their content creation efforts. Soon or later the portals and blog sites will introduce ads into their feeds and greatly increase the visibility of the technology.

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