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Monday, February 20, 2006

MSN adCenter Updated

Adcenter Logo
Those sneaky boys over at MSN adCenter went off and updated their interface this weekend. According to adCenter blog you should notice the following changes:

* When you sign in, the first page you see is now the "Campaigns" tab, and there's a greater distinction between campaigns and orders. Campaigns and orders now have their own elements, historical stats, and summary pages.
* There's a simplified order creation process; it's now 4 steps: Order Settings, Ads, Keywords and Pricing. And, the Order Settings tab includes targeting elements.
* You'll be able to delete campaigns and orders without first deleting all keywords and ads.
* Edit your budget, bidding, and incremental pricing options in one place — the new Pricing tab.
* Do research while you create orders.
* There's a new Keyword Research Tool as well, with keyword alternatives, pre-sales data, and demographic info.
* When you create your keyword lists, you'll see the keyword research and idea tool on the Keywords tab.

More cool stuff: manage your ads and keywords more easily.

* When you create or edit ads, you'll see a real-time preview on the right.
* As you type ad text and titles, the character limits update to match what you've got in the text field.
* All keyword/ad rejections will now show reason codes.
* The “Ad Description� field is now called "Ad Text."
* The “negative match� option is now called "excluded keywords."


* When using incremental bidding, you can set a relative percentage applied across all keyword bids instead of a specified dollar amount, so if you change your base bids, the additional targeted bid now adjusts automatically.
* Apply your negative keywords at the order level.
* If you want, apply your base bid amounts across all of your orders.
* U.S. city-based targeting options now include a corresponding state.

Good stuff MSN! I have logged in and the changes are noticeable and I hope the continue to improve adCenter. Maybe some geeks will come up with a easy way to convert your adwords account to adCenter? :)

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