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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

MSN adCenter Turning Up the Traffic

The time is getting near. You can hear the footsteps. Microsoft is coming. On Monday, Feb 27th they will open the flood gates, almost. Following their recent adCenter update, a notice was sent to current advertisers on the MSN adCenter, MSN said:

"our next step is to begin increasing traffic to your ads served by MSN adCenter. To that end, we will be increasing traffic by approximately 70% from our current levels."

This notice is to serve warning that Microsoft is getting ready to stick its hand in your advertising budget and take their share. MSN currently displays ads from their system 25% of the time and Yahoo ads the other 75%. MSN call this "an increase in traffic" but that is only if click through rates remain at their current levels. This increase will provide us with a lot of good information on the future of adCenter and hopefully answer a lot of questions.

Will the conversion rates remain higher then Google and Yahoo? Will the demographic bid targeting really prove beneficial online? Can MSN put a dent in Google's revenue? Only, time will tell and the time is Monday February 27th.

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