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Thursday, February 23, 2006

David Verklin: Search Will Become Ubiquitous

The comments made by David Verklin at Yahoo's Search Marketing conference in New York, Thinking Outside the Funnel, are telling. At the symposium devoted to creative uses of search marketing, his proposal to make all marketing camapaings operate with a web-first-type approach echoes the sentiments of interactive marketers world-wide. As the CEO of Carat Americas and chairman of Asia Pacific, people will actually listen to him

By adding that the concept of "search" has already moved beyond the notion of searching the Web: Tivo, he said, is "a search engine for television," while GPS is a form of search for cars.
"Search is becoming the behavior of choice," he said.

"Our job as advertisers," he added, "is to put our clients' products in the path of search behavior."

This solidifies the assertion that only with the addition of web-oriented marketing can a campaign be successful. While this is hardly shocking news to our informed readers, when you coonsider the meager slice of the advertising budget pie devoted to SEM, it can certainly be viewed as a light at the end of the tunnel.

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