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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Creating A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

You won't hear this from your prototypical SEM salesguy, but a well-fuctioning marketing program is multi-leveled. Why keep this secret? If they are completely honest they will tell you that if you are relying soley on SEM as your only means of marketing, you are behind the 8 ball

Retailers that have been dealing with rising competition over paid-search keywords and are finding they need to rely less on search engine marketing and develop a more comprehensive, multi-channel strategy.

Aaron Kessler, a senior research analyst who follows e-retailers for investment research firm Piper Jaffray & Co. notes, "Three years ago, Internet search was a good value for any retail category, but now it's not always the value it was," he says. "It's a great marketing channel when it works, but many retailers have become too reliant on it."

An email-marketing campaign is a popular way to increase traffic to your web site and increase conversion rates using a fairly inexpensive and easily istituted program. Remember, howefer, that a profitable email-marketing program can't be developed overnight.

Here are some tips from at setting up an email-marketing campaign:

1. Get relevant - dive into personalization and segmentation.
2. Resolve or minimize deliverability and rendering issues.
3. Redesign email messages for the inbox and users who view them in the preview pane and block images.
4. Optimize the beginning of the email relationship.
5. Get on the permission train.
6. Focus on metrics that matter.
7. Take better care of long-term subscribers.
8. Maximize search with email.
9. Test, test, test and improve.
10. Create an email marketing plan and align resources.

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