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Friday, December 01, 2006

Monetizing Latent Media Assets by McKinsey

McKinsey & Company This was a spotlight session on the topic of tapping deep media and unearthing & monetizing latent media assets. Jeff Schumacher and Jeff Collins, both of McKinsey & Company. These guys have more domains than you can shake a stick at, wonder if this is part of their monetization of media assets (that was a joke, in case you are humor impaired).

The demand for advertising space is increasing and the supply of content from publishers can't keep up with the demand of advertisers. As such, publishers are creating sub-optimal advertising vehicles, thus decreasing the effectiveness of the advertising they purchase.

Sean Collins used an example of competing brokerage firms ads being displayed on the same page of the New York Times web site. He said an advertiser would hardly ever accept having an ad on the same page as one of their competitors but I have to disagree with him. I mean think about AdSense or AdWords. Search results are nothing but a bunch of sites competing for your click and happily doing so.

Sean went on to say that he estimates 50% of all advertising last year was on non-targeted media destinations (would like to know what the source of his data is).

Honestly, I will have to ask them for the powerpoint presentation of this session because there seems to be some decent ideas and thoughts in the presentation but I can't get past the audacious claims being made verbally. The other major distractor in this session was how Jeff Schumacher of McKinsey continued to pace around the front of the room like a coffehouse poet while sean Collins went through his presentation.

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