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Monday, December 04, 2006

Mobile RSS Ready to Go

Phone makers and software developers are continuing to expand the choices on how we digest information on mobile devices. Although the displays and storage capacity on mobile devices are improving, getting just the info you want via RSS and avoiding the junk is imperative.

Microsoft and Samsung just announced the Ultra Messaging i600, a smart phone that include RSS Feeder software, while Nokia released new RSS reader software called WidSets.

NewsGator, one of the leaders in RSS aggregation, has teamed up with FreeRange to develop NewsGator Go software, which enables syncing of content between Java mobile phones and the company's desktop and web-based readers.

Opera has upgraded its Mini browser to version 3.0, which includes an RSS reader.

This growth in software for mobiles will expand the opportunities for RSS ads. When you factor in that ads delivered to mobiles tend to have much higher click through rates than their desktop counterparts, creating ads optimized to mobile readers seems like a good investment.

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