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Saturday, December 02, 2006

David Bonderman Long Tail Investment Videos on YouTube

This video of Texas Pacific Group's David Bonderman's Keynote has almost 800 views in YouTube and it's been favorited 5 times. Little did I know when I shot this for the CED that it would become so popular in the longtail of investment.

While digging around for data on its success I found a couple stock trading video creators using YouTube to host and distribute their videos. I post them because much of what I heard at MPlanet about marketing with video concentrated on incenting others to create branded content for you.

This can be a wonderful practice of course, as Doritos Crash the SuperBowl demonstrates (that's their YouTube profile... started only 4 days ago... gah they need to get more videos uploaded from their official site!).

It's not just college kids creating videos though, and there's more to YouTube than getting others to do it for you. This movement is about the shift from expensive production to creative, quality content and the passionate amateurs and amateur professionals who're posting videos that promote this shift.

For example here's VSUTube's profile page where you'll find videos that promote These videos are basically podcasts with moving screen captures. Stock-Hunters if you read this would you let us know what equipment you're using?

Also check out rwrcap's profile page and his series of videos. Again you'll find no budget production that's focused on content.

This longtail video won't ever replace mainstream stuff. Ever. It will give us more options though, and the time has never been better for content aggregators to create systems for these passionate amateurs and amateur professionals to make money on their content and increase its distribution to those who share their passions.

Start shooting, and if you're creating and distributing video for your business comment this post with a link so I can check you out.

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