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Friday, December 29, 2006

Blog Marketing Muddies Media

PayPerPost, the blog for hire company that pays people to write about products, just bought analytics tools from that will help them to study blogs' advertising and traffic data.

This acquisition seeks to provide "hard data" to show that paying folks to shill for your company with a minimum amount of disclosure is a good investment. The blogosphere is becoming a bloated mess, full of corporate rhetoric disguised as a blog (see WalMart), "splogs" or websites that copy the contents of RSS feeds to generate AdWords revenue, and if PayPerPost succeeds (unlikely), things will only get worse.

To me it's much more honest if product manufacturers instead run advertisements on focused websites that cover their products amongst other things, like what they are doing at Federated Media. One of the biggest trends for next year will be vertical ad networks that should provide higher returns. While this may complicate the ad buying process, finding people who are genuinely interested in your products is worth the time.

The wall between advertising and editorial has been eroded to a curb. Bloggers who don't fully disclose who is paying them will make it tough for independent writers to be believed.

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