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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Zango's Adware Continues Abuse

Adware distributor Zango is not complying with an agreement that it just signed with the FTC, according to the Center for Democracy and Technology and software expert Ben Edelman.

Edelman points out eight violations to the agreement, including not disclosing the terms with consumers, deceptive installation tactics, and a failure to remove old software that was not in compliance.

Zango's software, which consumers download in order to receive free online content such as music or videos, tracks consumer movements online and can disrupt e-commerce by launching pop-up windows.

The Center for Democracy and Technology also said Zango is violating the FTC deal and is asking for closer scrutiny.

Anyone who distributes Zango's software or advertises with the company will likely not be increasing their standing with marketers.

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