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Thursday, November 30, 2006

New World of Media: Paul Woolmington of Naked

Paul Woolmington is a founding partner of Naked. Throughout his British-accent inflected portion of the Succeeding in New World Media presentation he conferred respect to master marketers such as Nike, P&G and Burger King. I'm not sure if they're his clients or not.

Here are some of my takeaways, organized around his presentation:

1) marketers must learn to begin to let go
2) marketers must move from interruption to engagement
3) brand is sum total of touch points - every touch point is the new
4) 120 tracked touch points at Naked and the list of touch points is growing everyday
5) mass customization is at a tipping point
6) think about customers as PARTNERS, not as audience...

4 oldworld to new world guidelines and models

1) Move from Interruption to Engagement

old - interrupt - target and expose customers to your message
new - engagement - create content, tools and experiences to incentivize people to seek you out

Honda Mobile - free mobile download that tracks expenses - especially travel expenses
Nike - Nike ID website, real store and studio where customers create their own sneakers.

2) moving from controlled marketing to empowerment

old: make it as difficult as possible for consumers to compare prices
new: co-create products with consumers

Proctor and Gamble - pampers community powered by tech to create media
self-help empowered consumers - tips, stories, polls, community
Amazon Recommends (go Greg Linden ;) - helps books find readers recommendations based on patterns

old: make chosen channels look the same
new: more channels make more opportunities to tell your story - you don't have to look the same in each channel

Mini Customization - stories are bigger and more customized for their customers - gained national notoriety and built a successful business

3) from isolated to affiliate model
old: remove all third parties from the relationship
new: mobilize third parties and other customers to become more interactive

P&G: Tremor - science and scale to word of mouth advocacy always has been the most important medium

Scobleizer (which he pronounced SCOOBleizer haha) - blogging is second most authoritative source behind newspapers for consumers. Scoble made MSN less evil to the outside world

Burger King game now sold in Burger King stores...

Q/A: given change we've seen what distinguishes one company from another to adapt:
a: characteristics of companies that get it:
1) visceral understanding that everything communicates to the consumer (how telephones are answered, staff environment)
2) companies that have stopped thinking about consumers as target audience to consumers as partners and everything that goes with it
3) there is a better way - structural issues - hierarchies are more equal and collaborative
4) efficacy - ROI is critical

q: where's the best place to find ideas:

a: we've (agencies) got to look internally - clients are the integrators and they're taking that role; marketing companies need a better sense of collaboration
clients need objective advice and that comes internally
you have to listen and you have to have a democracy of ideas - let the 23 year olds do more than spread sheets - give them a voice in meetings

By Garrett at 12:25 PM | Comments (2)

(2) Thoughts on New World of Media: Paul Woolmington of Naked

You haven't changed a bit either in appearance or persuasive enthusiasm.
It is always a pleasure to see you in the new world creating a newer one.

With affectionate regards to you
and your family. Tony

Comments by Tony Dell : Thursday, September 06, 2007 at 12:22 PM

Woolmington is just saying the same thing everybody else is, no? Poorly articulated and undifferentiated - just like Naked USA. By the way, he is not a founder of Naked, just a tagalong.

Comments by Dave : Tuesday, September 01, 2009 at 09:56 AM

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