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Thursday, November 30, 2006

New World of Media: Mike Fasulo, CMO, Sony

Q/A: do you think this is an evolution or a revolution
it's both - we're in a space we've never been in before, learning things from our customers we've never known before

q: we hear that traditional tv is dead - do you agree?
absolutely let's go home it's over... haha no it's not dead:
baby boomers still watching 14-16 hours a week
gen x still watching 11 plus hours a week

live entertainment you still want to watch in real time - clearly opportunity for traditional advertising

q: opportunity for marketing innovation as it relates to these new technologies?

we were late to entry in flat panel television. we wanted to interrupt in that space. did market research and learned that men and women feel the same about televisions. men think women want design, women think men want quality but they both want both.

evolved campaign to work with TiVO and you can change the endings of the television spot... now you can choose if you want a man's ending or a woman's ending with library on TiVO to pick your ending.

we've measured 107 thousand TiVO subscribers who have engaged; people have watched 1:07 out of 1:11 seconds available

8.7% request for more information

q: how else are you reaching people?
a: Viral marketing is quite interesting. 16 hours a week spent online by youth. it's here to stay and it's growing. we looked at behavior of youth marketing. new creation of products.

created viral campaign about thumbs - thumbternity unbranded site fraternity site. doors opened, rooms opened. 11 different viral spots for the youth market to push the Mylo:

1.4 million viewed video on YouTube about Mylo
averaging 40,000 visits a month to

we will continue to market virally - very active community and we'd be foolish not to take advantage

q: you're aggressive with marketing, have aggressive consumer in terms of control of content and content creation
a: UGC is a revolutionary trend we're participating in. it's scary. you lose sleep some nights. in particular relationship with current tv - young videographers can create video and post. turned into website that creates programming that gets broadcast on televisions across america

talent rights; you have to be careful marketers

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