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Thursday, November 30, 2006

New World of Media: George Harrison, SVP MarComm, Nintendo

My marketing's done for the busy season - 60% of hardware business happens in October through December so we're looking at January now.

We just launched the Wii - we only do console launch every 5 year; last year we had a lot of competition from Sony

q: reaching and engaging consumers in different ways as Sony has done, have people powered in brand building
a: last few years have had the most dramatic changes we've seen - I've been in marketing for the past 25 years

examples of stuff Nintendo's done:

who are you? pasting nintendo characters on famous pictures - Link's face put on queer eye for the straight guy pics. haha.

Nintendo DS - in text of some websites we capitalized DS where ever they occurred in sequence. there's a fine line between genius and being annoying. we pushed but were perhaps a bit over bearing

also for DS - touching is good - guerilla campaign on the web. we sent 7,000 mannequin hands to people in their heavy user base and asked them to make videos. they created over 30,000 videos on their own.

q: do you believe that mass market tv is on the way up or dead
a: it's still 70 percent of spend; a game launch is like movie launch. hard to do without TV for short intense burst.

q: sizeable marketing mix still on tv spending more on viral?
a: tv has been 95 percent now down to 70 percent. upfront market was tumultuous this year, there was a tremor that got the TV channels attention and we can negotiate for lower prices and more innovation.

q: given how new myspace and youtube are how do you adapt to things that are happening so quickly?
a: we don't do annual marketing plan - we have a rolling marketing plan. strong ability to adapt. We set some money aside for launch. YouTube is strong for our under 25 audience. There are youtube videos of me on there at the Wii launch - out behind the veil you become a part of the message, horrifying to my children

We set up myspace for Wii townsquare for folks to post. blog talked about gamers over 40.

PR encouraged me to comment there and the response was amazing. people asked me to be their friends on myspace. they have game and marketing ideas. I have a myspace account, facebook account. actively involved.

I find it difficult to find my friends on there - it takes more effort for me; not core of social life like it is for younger users.

q: are cpg companies as equipped to deal with changes?
a: you have moms AND teens as consumers so you need to do it. featured based marketing doesn't hold up that well anymore.

q: what is your relationship with agencies?
a: some agencies have done a good job in their media units.
on our pr side it's been a lag. clippings and mentions in news doesn't help me. you're not measuring what's important to me. we need to be online.

it's our responsibility to challenge our agencies.

we built a database of 4 million consumers for email - that's not an expertise leo burnett had... their creative ability hasn't kept up with our need in other channels.

q:what's next on the horizon after youtube
a: startups will be consumed, information sharing will be the key your ability to make anthems to your brand.

Thoughts from Rick Hoskins, Jason's 17 year old intern who helped me shoot video of this session:
George had crappy slides that looked like he made them himself. But I think it's cool that he has a myspace and he made it himself.

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