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Thursday, November 30, 2006

New World of Media: Craig Coffey, VP, Marketing, Nokia

q: your business is both to market your brand and market others' brands - talk a little about that
a: not just communication vehicles, but useful for messaging

word of mouth is a form of new media; magic happens when people talk about your brand to others.

we identified super influencer bloggers and held an open house prior to launch at nokia flagship store in Manhattan. gave them total access to press content well in advance of launch.

you have to have confidence in your brand. if there's a flaw they will find it. you can't control what people write

q:how did you find these folks?
a:25 year old marketers live our products. they know how to find the leaders in the market place. don't wait for the most senior. this idea came from internal

we'll always do advertising...

q: at hershey we have a couple stores 3-5 million people coming through every year. can you talk about your retail stores?
a: retail is a form of media. we value our partnerships but what's important for us was to develop the ideal branding experience for our customers.

unique place where our brand can live. we see them as learning labs for us to pull things from consumers. this allows us to go to carrier partners and retailers about how to merchandise these products

for things like stores - a lot of categories could participate in this. starbucks are flagship coffee stores with music and couches. tap directly into consumers give them a chance to dialogue with your brand in a highly experiential way

q: talk about your NBA deal
a: Nokia was a sponsor of the NBA all star weekend. insane event. parties. provided a value add for consumers. we created connection booths so that when you're on site you can register your phone and over the course of the event we would send you txt messages about premium seating; special meet and greets w/players. we made them feel special for carrying our phones

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