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Thursday, November 30, 2006

New World of Media: Audience Q/A

q: came from blog business summit and adtech they're very different events; at blog business summit everyone hates marketing; at adtech everyone wants to get to the bloggers. how do you deal with those two opposites?

craig coffey, Nokia:
bloggers are extremely important - marketers have tried to over manipulate the blogging community. don't patronize. put the product out there and let it stand on its own two legs. we felt like we had a great product. respect the power they have and be transparent. let them see everything. showed tech specs we normally only share with the press.

george harrison, Nintendo:
large portion of bloggers are purists. there are other bloggers who want to build reputation as being one of the first ones to know. we use an outside service to determine who's the most important bloggers. you're gonna get caught astro turfing.

question for paul woolmington - focused on consumer touch points. making sure you have younger set of employees set on your business. 10s of 1000s of customer touch points. how do you take inventory and make sure that everything's available.

paul woolmington:
most companies understand broadly the principle touchpoints but they're siloed within organizations. what companies are realizing is that you've got to come together in a much more collaborative fashion.

understand your touchpoints. communication strategy needs to be baked into your brand strategy at the upfront stage.

question for craig coffey: you implied that learning labs were 2 way opportunities. talk more about whether you're learning more about consumers, doing research, metrics.

Craig Coffey:
a: two way street, we have metrics, research on multiple device ownership.
human to human interaction is the most important - they push this back up.

q: how do you think these new media concepts are applicable to b2b.

a: Mike Fasulo, Sony - it's about 2 way communication, whether viral or blogging. providing information that the customers control. it's a great way to communicate and it's very efficient.

Paul Woolmington: doctors are consumers. they are b2b, but you need to treat them like human beings. new forces and recommenders are influential for doctors. universal principles are the same. how you customize must change.

q: tie what we've talked about into keynote - driving growth in terms of revenue.

Mike Fasulo, Sony: everything drives to objectives of the firm. we're still quarterly driven. how do you get to that:

metrics - more than just brand recall and the register. how do you bring that customer through the experience. it takes an effort to click on something and open it. we need to package the measurement with a top line in mind.

george harrison: the more complex the market, the harder to measure what parts are the most important. we started at a basic level. team learning processes. go back after each launch to capture what worked and what didn't. have a record to carry forward.

q: rise in cause marketing: what's the biggest gap in forging ventures with causes?

Craig Coffey, Nokia: ethical consumers are not going away. internet is a means to decipher if you're doing a good job or not. we all have vulnerabilities, but the notion of transparency is increasingly important along your value chain.

q: consumer generated content - it's always been available, we were taught to ignore it. fear that we're in a honeymoon stage? wave of litigation down the road legal folks losing sleep?

nintendo: video games have music, haven't had lawyers pressing us yet. not everything done is favorable. pornos with mario we would ask to pull. I don't think you can get the genie back in the bottle.

correction from audience: consumers suing you for stealing ideas they put on youtube...
people submit game ideas all the time, we've not had claims against us for serendipitous ideation.

one piece of advice from each presenter:
Paul Woolmington, Naked: peer production, consumer empowerment are the key industrial force. get consumers to participate and create. be committed to testing and looking to the long term.

Mike Fasulo, Sony: stay focused on the customer. know who he is and stay focused. don't have a short span of patience when measuring. it takes time for things to evolve. it's no longer a product out, it's customer in.

George Harrison, Nintendo: evolution of tools to measure. new stuff won't come from traditional research firms. as much creativity in this as into the media plans themselves.

Craig Coffey, Nokia: take more chances and educated risks.

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