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Thursday, November 30, 2006

MPlanet Keynote: Randall Stephenson, COO AT&T

I asked Tim Powers last night why ATT was keynoting the MPlanet conference. I've been so buried in search I haven't been paying much attention to the broader landscape.

This morning Mr. Stephenson presented on ATT's three screen strategy, spoke a bit more about U-Verse (it launched in Austin today and will roll out to other cities shortly), and further iterated the incredible growth and importance of wireless (previously I'd heard Google's Craig Silverstein hammering on the importance of wireless).

Here's my presentation take away notes:
1) ATT's 3 screen strategy = integrating television, PC, cell phone
2) no one's been successful with this so far
3) wireless is the most important - Cingular saw 138 million multi media messages - photos, video, music and 10 billion text messages last year and 10% quarterly growth in usage
4) give each device an IP address to make people easy to target and track (mwah ah ah ah)
5) u-verse device provides video content by IP
6) u-verse marketing in San Antonio included an ice cream truck with free ice cream and video screens and saw almost 30% adoption rates in some neighborhoods
7) ATT owns lots and lots and lots of eyeballs and their labs developed u-verse to earn them more

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