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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

GoDaddy Makes Spamming Easy With Free Domain Program

I got a big laugh GoDaddy Helping Out Spammers with Free .Info Domain Name Special out of an email GoDaddy sent to all of it's affiliates this morning. Before I quote the email I'll give you a bit of seo history so you can fully appreciate the unintended humor of the Godaddy email.

There's something about seo that escapes most other forms of marketing. Automatic Penalties! Automatic penalties are the search engines way of fighting the good fight against search engine spammers (black hats). You see, the engines want to keep their indexes as clean as possible and void of the spam that all too often slips in. Many black hat seo techniques have been documented and are actually quite well known. One such technique is to create a blog on a .info domain and then begin creating thousands of pages of content (usually scraped from a bunch of other blogs) and load the domain up with gobs of content that's keyword rich. The problem of course is that these sites are just scraping other people's content and not adding any value to it whatsoever.

Now I need to be clear that this technique has been around for ages (circa 96) and isn't always limited to .info domains. But the appeal of the .info domain extention to spammers it the cost... usually you can get them for free when domain name registrars run a sale or when you purchase a hosting plan. And what did GoDaddy just do?

Special Offer!
IT'S BACK! Free .INFO* Domain Name with Hosting Purchase

One of our most popular offers is back for a limited time, so don't miss out! Give your visitors a FREE .INFO domain name ($5.99 value) with the purchase of any new 12- or 24-month shared hosting plan! World-class hosting plans from Go Daddy® include all the storage, transfer and email accounts your visitors could want, plus live 24/7 support and much, much more. But hurry, this offer expires December 31, 2006, so add it to your site today!

So when this email arrived in my inbox I thought it was pretty funny. Not only does GoDaddy have a dirty reputation because of it's controversial commercials during the SuperBowl, but now it's getting a bad rap for it's encouragement of seo spammers.

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