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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yahoo News Taps Local TV

Yahoo signed up with a group of CBS stations to provide streaming video to its news website. Yahoo's "exclusive" deal with 16 CBS affiliates gives Yahoo the video while driving traffic to the affiliates' websites.

But I don't think most netizens care to watch local TV news online because, well, it sucks. Sure, people who customize their Yahoo page may occasionally watch a video from their local station, but by and large people are getting their news online because the local coverage is pathetic.

Who outside of the viewing area really wants to see stories about murders, car accidents and the occasional octogenarian marching in a parade? Local news crews only come in handy during a car chase of a celebrity or a hurricane, but we can get most of that stuff on CNN anyway.

By way of exclusivity, the deal doesn't prohibit Yahoo News from linking to articles from ABC or NBC affiliates, just their video. Looking at Yahoo today, CBS has much less space than its competitors, so maybe its not such a great deal for them.

Video has yet to be integrated into news. If you search Google or Yahoo news you will get some links to affiliates, but you have to click on the link to find out if there's video. They should put camera icons on the links if the pages contain video. And video searches don't have a section for news, so anyone who actually would want to see video of breaking news must go to CNN or MSNBC.

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