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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Walmart, World's Largest Retailer Gets a Facelift has rolled out a new, more user-friendly site design. While, I am not a big fan of Walmart I am a fan of their new design. This new layout is leaps and bounds better then their old one which you can see here . For starters, it doesn't feel as 'Walmarty' as the old site. By Walmarty I mean cheap and obnoxious, two qualities that are very prevalent among Walmart regulars. I could go on and on about new upgrades but I'll leave that to the more design knowledgeable folks and let you know what they left out.

I know almost anyone has seen that commercial where the advertising agencies all say "what would so and so do?" as the camera moves to the next larger advertising agency and when they get to the big global agency they look down and say "what would those guys at Hornstien do?" Well, Walmart should have taken a lesson from that commercial and asked the same question. Look at some of the smaller more succesful retail sites on the web and get inspiration. For example, every geek knows as the best place on the web for computer related equipment, but one of the best features they have that Walmart forgot is product reviews. People want to know what other people think about products its one of the features that has made Newegg,, and so successful in their online adventures. They also need to remove their flash main content widget or at least cookie me so I don't have to see the "Take the Tour" every time I visit, which will be never again after this post.

Does anyone think this is an attempt at Walmart to change its' image to more of a say, Target? They can paint the entire building pink but Walmart will always be Walmart to me!

*Update* just updated their page as well, its definitely a more web 2.0ish feel and if you've ever visited the site before hand, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the navigational changes which make worlds of difference.

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