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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Foundeo Launches Web 2.0 Developer Toolkit

Foundeo Inc. My buddy and good friend Pete Freitag (that's Sneaky Pete to you) has put together a ColdFusion developer's toolkit focused on Web 2.0 applications under his new Foundeo label. Now if you're a developer, Especially a CF developer, and you love all of the free API's that are out there but really don't want to lose sleep over figuring out how to parse the xml feeds, construct soap requests, deal with header response error codes, or be bothered by the minutia surrounding all things web 2.0, then this toolkit is for you. Here is just a sampling of the stuff Pete's put into it...

  • Bloglines API Integration

  • Bayesian System (we use on comments here)


  • Form Validation CFC

  • Various Yahoo API CFC's

  • a bunch more

Just as a heads up, Pete put out the pre-release version of the toolkit today and is including a free Foundeo t-shirt with every order. How can you go wrong with a schweet jewel case, free t-shirt and code that I personally think is worth well over $500 USD easily. If you've been around ColdFusion long enough to remember the old Developer Resource Kits (DRK's) then you know Macromedia use to charge a heck of a lot more for far less code. So what are you waiting for?! Help my good friend and budding Web 2.0 entrepreneur pay his rent and get some code today!ColdFusion Web 2.0 Developer Toolkit Chocked Full Of Killer Code

I asked Pete a couple of questions about the toolkit. Here are the questions and answers.

Q.) What was your motivation, besides making money, for putting this toolkit out?

A.) I would really like to see more new, or should I say web 2.0 applications being developed with ColdFusion. Using some of these components you can easily create mashups, or syndicate content with RSS Feeds.

Q.) You did yahoo local instead of just the normal Yahoo Search API or the Yahoo Site Explorer API integration, why's that?

A.) The CD is a collection of CFC's that I've built over time, I had built a Yahoo Local CFC, and a Yahoo! Web Search CFC which I have used in some web sites. I haven't played around with the Yahoo Site Explorer API too much yet, but perhaps you will see that one on fusionKit Volume 2.0.

Q.) Which API (bloglines, Yahoo Local,, Yahoo Search, etc...) was the most difficult to write a CFC to parse the data from and why?

A.) All of those were actually pretty easy to work with. They are all REST based, so you pretty much just make a request and parse the response. The API has a lot of different methods to support, so that one may have taken the longest but was actually pretty smooth because the responses were pretty similar.

Note: I was not paid to put this post up. I've known Pete for a long time and he does a lot of development for Labitat (my company) and he deserves every bit of free publicity he can get and that is my sole motivation for giving him props here.

By Jason Dowdell at 03:46 PM | Comments (2)

(2) Thoughts on Foundeo Launches Web 2.0 Developer Toolkit

Looks like the pricing is actually $99 instead of $500

Comments by Rey Bango : Wednesday, November 01, 2006 at 02:47 PM

Ah ha, thought I had the $99 in there, too funny. Nice catch and yes, it's only $99, pretty schweet huh?

Comments by Jason : Wednesday, November 01, 2006 at 03:19 PM

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