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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

NowPublic Blends Best of New Media

What do you get when you combine the best elements of Digg, Slashdot, Flickr and Current TV?

The website launched last year, and the site was upgraded today to enable readers/viewers to browse commentary, photos and videos related to news articles. When readers click on an article from a newspaper or other source, a split screen will launch showing the original text alongside the comments or video contributions.

NowPublic CEO and founder Mike Tippett says the content comes from "citizen journalists" who produce videos about events such as trade summits or natural disasters. While the company currently doesn't have a revenue stream, the website will be a free and supported by advertising.

Readers can vote on the video contributions, and the most highly rated videos will get priority alongside the articles. The articles on the home page are ranked by traffic, but a future version will enable readers to rate each article.

Tippett says that after the revenue streams are established, video journalists will receive a share of the revenue. NowPublic has thousands of contributors, and Tippett expects to license the videos to news outlets in search of locally produced content. The company has also provided Javascript code that enables other websites to link to the videos.

As long as sites like NowPublic can produce responsible journalism, they should be able to attract advertisers and be viable. As the blogging phenomenon shows, an audience exists for alternative voices, and the ad-supported model is the best fit.

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