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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Antivirus Software to Keep Your Computer Running Like New

So I'm going to go a little off the marketing / advertising topic today but it's for a reason. The post I put up regarding the Myspace-Aim Virus is getting a lot of attention and people are looking for a solution. Well I've done some research and I'll post some links that I think will help you fix the Aim Virus that is spreading around. Also here are 5 FREE tools that every computer user needs in order to keep their PC running like new for a long time.

#1. Anti-virus

AVG antivirus. I love AVG its Free, less of a memory hog then Norton (which lots of viruses are designed to disable), self updates and you can download it Here
There is even a linux version Here

#2: A better Web Browser w/ Popup blocker:

I use Firefox. It is fully customizable with extensions and themes and less vulnerable then Internet Explorer. Less computer savvy people will like Avant Browser or Opera Browser which both come fully loaded with features to improve your web browsing.

#3 spyware killers.

You need Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition 1.06 and Microsoft Anti Spyware tool which offers real time spyware detection.
If you want to pay for some more spyware fighting features, I suggest Zero Spyware

#4: firewall:

I recommend zonealarm 6.1. I've yet to see a better software firewall. Don't bother with the Pro version. Basic version is more than enough. Even if you are behind a router, get a firewall b/c infected computers inside your network can still get to you and you can never be too safe.

#5 Windows Update.

This is very important that you keep your Windows updated with the latest releases, especially when they are security warnings. If you see the little globe icon in your system tray, it's time to update!

As with Windows, you must keep all these tools up to date, and you also must USE them. Most tools do not do any good if they are just installed and not used. As a general rule of thumb, run your AntiVirus daily (AVG has a scheduler to do this for you) and run your spyware program weekly.

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(1) Thoughts on Antivirus Software to Keep Your Computer Running Like New

Thank you I just restored my computer for the second time, and now I'm set.

Comments by Cherrie : Wednesday, October 18, 2006 at 01:06 PM

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