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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Intel Changes Logo in Rebranding Efforts

Intel new logo
In an attempt to re-brand itself, Intel released a new logo and images to go along with the badges for each individual line of processors. A press release by Intel states:
Intel Corporation formally unveiled a new brand identity today that represents a significant milestone in the company's history and further signifies the company’s evolution to a market-driving platform solutions company.

While I agree that Intel needed to jump into the year 2006 with a corporate refresher, but saying the execution was poor would be an understatement. Sure the previous logo looked like a 3rd grader drew it with some crayons, but I'm not sure they did their market research with this new logo because they missed the memo that having a swoosh on your logo is so 1993.
intel Logo
In this day in the Internet age a good recognizable logo is extremely important because it will be plastered all over computers, web sites, and media. While I understand Intel probably didn't want to deviate to far from its fairly recognizable current logo, but this new Intel logo just seems bland and outdated. It's almost like McDonald's changing all their golden arches to a Times New Roman 'M', and taking a step back in the logo time mobile. If you are going to change it do more then changing the font and rotating the swoosh around.

Someone at Intel better be getting a kick in the bum for this blunder because they took a leap back instead of a "Leap Ahead" and they are still a leap behind AMD.

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